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Welcome to your web phone. You can use your computer to place and receive telephone calls using your office number.

Your login information is the same as the web portal and was setup with the welcome email. If you need login information, please contact us or your account administrator to get setup.

Premium user account is required

Access to the web phone requires a premium user. If you would like to upgrade, please contact your telephone administrator.

Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You don’t have to download software. Our web phone uses your computers web browser.
  2. Using a high quality headset is important to ensure a high quality phone call.
  3. We recommend a cable internet connection as wifi may cause quality issues.

We highly recommend using the Chrome web browser. You will be able to download a web phone version onto your computer, and we also have software integrations available.

Access Your Web Phone

The Web Phone is inside your user portal

As highlighted, the top right ‘Apps’ dropdown gives you the option to select Web Phone if you have a premium account.

Access your User Portal

go to our website *****.ca and you will see a login portal on the top right side of the navigation bar.

Download Web Phone

Although not required, you can use your Chrome Web Browser to download the phone right onto your PC or Apple Computer.

If you have the latest version of Chrome, you will be able to select the button beside the domain name that looks like a down arrow over a computer screen.

⬅ “Install B1 Communications

Your Web Phone

Welcome to your Web Phones Navigation

Similar to your user portal, you can access your contacts, call history, voicemail, answer rules.

Unique to the Web Phone

Call Park – you can access calls placed in park by colleagues and resume the phone call on your web phone.

Chat & SMS – You can chat internally with your colleagues or you can place/receive text messages by 3rd parties.

Settings – verify which microphone and audio output is used by your computer.

Call Your Contacts

Within Contacts, you can select an individual you would like to call.

⬅ Select the phone icon and make a call

The Web Phone also has an internal chat function to communicate with colleagues.

Active Call

During an active call, you have access to a number of call features.

Mute – disables your microphone.

Hold – plays hold music for the other party

Dial Pad – allows you to press numbers for an auto-attendant

Add Call – create a 3-way phone call by adding another caller

Transfer – scroll down for transfer instructions

Park Call – Place the caller on-hold and makes them available within the park button on your phone for anyone in your company to pickup.

Switch Phone – You can switch from the web phone to your mobile app or desk phone.

Contacts – You can call your contacts and merge or transfer the call.

Call Transfer

When you select transfer, you have 2 options available. You can either choose from contacts, or dial a new number.

Types of Transfer

After you dial the number you wish to transfer, or select the contact you will be given 2 options.

Blind Transfer – This will transfer the call immediately.

Assisted Transfer – You will be given a chance to speak with the party receiving the transferred call to introduce them. Once confirmed, simply press “Complete Transfer” or “Cancel Transfer”

Place Outbound Calls

⬅ On the bottom right side of your screen, you can select the large red + button.

This will open the dial pad and show recent calls.

Using The Park Key

Park is a very handy feature that is available on your desk phone, web phone and mobile app.

It allows you to place a caller on-hold. The park key will light up red on desk phones, and it will be indicated on web and mobile phones.

Anyone in your company can now take over the call by selecting the Park button.

Only 1 caller can be in each park slot at a given time. If you require additional park keys, your telephone administrator can contact us to add more.

Parking a Call

The first step is to confirm the park key is empty. If there is a caller in the park slot, you cannot put another caller on park.

⬅ Select the P button on the right side of the screen to place the caller in park.

Retrieving a Parked Call

If there is a caller within Park, the light will indicate on your desk phone, and on your web/mobile app, it will indicate on the navigation with a number 1, 2, or 3 based on the number of park keys your organization has that are being used.

⬅ Just select the phone icon on the right side of the call information to retrieve the call.

The parked call will give you information about the caller, who placed them on-park, and how long they have been waiting.

Thank you

We hope you’ve enjoyed the web phone guide. Please continue to browse our help centre for other helpful guides, videos, and downloadable material.

Please tell us if we are missing any important information on this guide.

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